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48 hours in Vienna: Everything you need to know

Belvedere Castle, Vienna | Redwhiteadventures

Okay, so maybe not everything you need to know, but we’ll cover the essentials for you…

Along with the must-sees and must-dos we will also give tips about a few not so touristy places, because who doesn’t love hidden gems? If you’re a nerd for history or love architecture you could get lost in this city for days, but if you’re just going for a few days, here are our best recommendations for you!

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Avoid the crazy crowds in Prague – Počernický Brewery

Počernický Pivovar Beer | Red White Adventures

You can usually find us lost in the outdoors or snuggled up watching a movie at home while planning our next travel destination. Laying in bed Saturday afternoon in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; Prague, we felt like we weren’t taking advantage of how fortunate we truly are to be living here. So we made a goal to find a spot away from all the tourists that we could share with those of you who want to explore and get a true feel for the culture of this city. And what better way is there than drinking liquid gold at a brewery?

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