48 hours in Vienna: Everything you need to know

Belvedere Castle, Vienna | Redwhiteadventures

Okay, so maybe not everything you need to know, but we’ll cover the essentials for you…

Along with the must-sees and must-dos we will also give tips about a few not so touristy places, because who doesn’t love hidden gems? If you’re a nerd for history or love architecture you could get lost in this city for days, but if you’re just going for a few days, here are our best recommendations for you!

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A day trip from Prague: Teplice Rocks

Teplice Rocks | Red White Adventures

On a snowy and dark Saturday morning in January, what would you do? Stay in bed and snuggle all morning? Most likely. Go on a 3-hour train ride to go hiking? Forget about it. Unless you’re just as weird as us (which we hope you are)! Because that’s exactly what we decided to do last weekend!

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Avoid the crazy crowds in Prague – Počernický Brewery

Počernický Pivovar Beer | Red White Adventures

You can usually find us lost in the outdoors or snuggled up watching a movie at home while planning our next travel destination. Laying in bed Saturday afternoon in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; Prague, we felt like we weren’t taking advantage of how fortunate we truly are to be living here. So we made a goal to find a spot away from all the tourists that we could share with those of you who want to explore and get a true feel for the culture of this city. And what better way is there than drinking liquid gold at a brewery?

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